Ignorance Is Bliss – Perfect Happiness
So they say …

If one is unaware of an unpleasant fact or situation, one cannot be troubled by it. That is the ultimate oxymoron.

Ignorance means that we succumb to the negative forces of jealousy, pride, fear and desire, which make life not only uncomfortable, but a living hell. We have become so used to this way of life that we don’t notice the alternative, the inner wisdom of pure consciousness – the great know-all! 😀

This ignorance reflects on the way in which we conduct ourselves, and is neither wise nor understanding.

There are two aspects to realisation on the path to enlightenment. One is knowing that we have always been pure consciousness – we don’t have to make it happen – and the other is realising the veil that obscures pure consciousness (‘veil’ is an interesting arrangement of letters – it can also spell evil!).

The opposite of ignorance is the wisdom of absolute reality
– the great know-all! 😀

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