Is Life Random Or Perfectly Co-ordinated?

A leaf falls from a tree. Does it drop straight down?
Conditions dictate how and where it falls.
Even those conditions aren’t random
– they, in turn, are created by other conditions.

If we think life is unfair, we aren’t looking at patterns.
Our life is like that leaf, dictated by subtle causes and conditions.
There is a predictable pattern in apparent chaos
– and in our behaviour πŸ™‚

If we are random in our thoughts, life seems random.
The more closely we investigate, however, the more connected everything is.
We may not investigate DNA for instance, but there are those who do.

Our body, speech and mind are caused by karmic conditions and,
if not kept in check, create further predictable karmic conditions.

The view that death is the total end affects our responses.
The view that death is another beginning affects our responses.

In this way, we understand the importance of empathy and compassion.

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