Life Is Exasperating, Intensely Irritating, And Frustrating

We live our lives according to worldly and spiritual materialism, promoting a self-image that seems to be more important than what we actually are. Conflict arises everywhere, and it’s exasperating when we know it needn’t be like this. Exasperation is the spark for enlightenment, before compassion can arise.

We hear that we should be compassionate, but compassion should not be used to cover up the tricks we play in order to convince ourselves that we are right. Conscious living is constant awareness of whatever we are doing, saying and thinking. We don’t have to be perfect; that is merely an elaborate dressing up. The perfection is what is seeing, which is original pure consciousness.

All we have to do is be consistent in our endeavour.
Behind the scenes, the view is gradually refining.

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