What Is Enlightenment?

We are already enlightened beings, but we disregard this and give it no value. Ignoring this enlightened state, we constantly look for ideas to adopt.

Enlightenment is the continuous expression of pure awareness without sides, and is therefore unconditional, empathetic compassion.

We get glimpses of this true reality in moments of just being but, through habit, it slips away. The purpose of non-dual meditation is to realise this.

Monks and nuns spend their entire lives on this topic; they are told what to do and when to do it. We, as town yogis, have to balance life between the material and the spiritual. I actually think this is an advantage, as the rawness of life makes us face our stupidity. This takes more discipline, as our practice can turn into spiritual materialism.

The more we practise remembering what we are, the simpler life becomes. Realisations upon realisations is a shocking process 🙂 It is a continual journey until there are no more questions.

We have to accept our karmic cognitive bias, but this slowly dissolves when we are able to halt our explosive reactions, and notice that our attitude has changed. We are more considerate and empathetic.

Religious traditions make great elaborations
out of enlightenment and compassion,
when enlightened compassion is simply unbiased listening.

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