There Is No Single Source Of Truth

There is no single source of truth.
Truth just is.

It’s like formula; it just is.
It’s like space; it just is.

To ask where space, formulae and truth came from is scholastic hell. Truth is that which does not change – it is constant and cannot be altered.

We dwell in space (a particular moment in the universe).
We work with formulae (calculating force).
We are truth (consciousness).

Without consciousness, space and formulae, we wouldn’t have the ability to survive. However, this alone is not enough to realise ultimate truth.

Ordinary consciousness separates us.
It is only when we let go of our scholarship that we realise that consciousness is empty of dwelling and calculating. This results in realising pure consciousness.

There are many sources, but one truth.
We are what we seek.

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    • tony says:

      Truth is timeless. It has no beginning and no end.


    • tony says:

      For some the sources of information is Jesus. For others it’s another teacher.

      For me it is the Buddha’s teaching, although I know he was aware of the Vedantic teachings.

      The truth isn’t in the words, the truth is in the experience of the words.

      Words are exoteric meant for the many.
      Realisation of the words is esoteric, meant for
      those who experience beyond words and names.

      We all have a right to “a” view, but “the view” is consciousness that sees without separation.


      • bwcarey says:

        I agree to an extent, but the meaning in Jesus’s words, goes to the point of living them, practicing, they are easy to understand, and while we add layers of understanding to language, many are put off believing in Jesus, on account of those who see some followers ignore the teaching while others put them into use, without understanding them. The Holy Spirit is sent, it’s in the teachings, in order to explain there deeper meaning, in simple words, you can only follow the teachings of Jesus by applying them, and that goes beyond our meaning of living, in short, while Buddha is admirable, Jesus brings us into the company of the Almighty God, and this truth can be proved to day, and Jesus does have lots of interesting ways on life, depending on where you live. Thanks for the comments, amen.

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