What Has Emptiness Ever Done For Me!?

All our lives, awareness has been wandering around looking for something, and not feeling satisfied. That dissatisfaction is due to the lack of clarity, and clarity is none other than emptiness. Pure awareness (empty awareness) is our true nature: we are pure beings…Buddhas.

Because of unenlightened awareness, we take some form or other; a human, an ant, an alien (we’re all aliens)… Awareness has been searching for where ‘it’s’ at, and where ‘it’s’ at has been here all the time!

When emptiness is recognised by awareness, detachment occurs…more or less. Awareness just lets go for a moment, and in that moment is spaciousness – clarity! Of course, awareness tries to relate to this clarity and so concepts re-occur, karma takes over and awareness is back building something. This is why we practise remembering, recognising, forgetting, remembering and recognising…more or less.

Awareness is not quite clear. It lacks the ability to understand, and requires compassion. The light of clarity is dull. Calling students ‘lazy’ is a mistake: people come to teachings to find wisdom and compassion. If people were truly lazy, they wouldn’t bother at all; that is common ignorance. When something is not understood, this is merely awareness (the I) not recognising emptiness. It can be difficult to appreciate the value of teachings because of our backgrounds, and the student then needs help from the teacher. If recognition is not understood, it is up to the teacher to rectify this.

Merely expecting students to turn up and conform is lazy.

Unfortunately, spiritual teachings have been broken up into topics, sub topics and rituals that can become complex, confusing and even distracting. Empowerments and blessing cords (coloured threads) …are examples this. Complexity is opposite to simplicity: complexity takes time, and time is money.

We are empty awareness and that’s why we – cluttered awareness – cannot find ourselves, and our true nature remains just an idea.

Emptiness is absolute reality and awareness is relative reality.

We are that whom we seek, and we are the obstacle to finding what we seek.
Awareness can only find awareness.
Confused, it looks for something else.

When awareness only finds awareness, that is, in fact, emptiness.
It just needs to be pointed out.

Funny lot aren’t we?

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