In The Beginning Was Not The Word…
it was just dressed up awareness!

Ultimate truth is very simple,
and is realised by recognising mistaken, conventional reality,
which is also very simple
but has become complex and ingrained.

This is the unity of the two truths – ultimate and conventional.

Having a mind, all sentient beings are awareness; awareness in a body. As a result, we (awareness) are consumed by body consciousness (we are consumers 😉 ), which fills and occupies our whole existence. All creatures are aware, but are unaware of their true nature, which is pure awareness.

Our only reason to be is to realise this!

So, awareness wanders around in a state of ignorance. This awareness, clinging to experiences, created a feeling of I and won’t let go, and so awareness gave rise to a personality – a ‘dressed up I’.

Through meditation and instruction, awareness realises that there is only awareness and that this is the ultimate truth. Everything else comes and goes. Awareness is the key to freedom; it either opens or locks the door.

This is so simple or ‘ordinary’ that perhaps it does need to be dressed up and made to look special in order to help people step out of ignorant ordinariness into enlightened ordinariness. However, identifying with this dressing up can be a problem. The whole point is to undress!

We hear of fantastic stories from the past about supernatural achievements, but that was in previous times when the world was less stressed. Whether these events happened or not is irrelevant to our present moment. To understand the simple truth is a step in the right direction – just being less stressed. We are deep in the Kali Yuga, and so we work with the negative energies, transforming them into wisdoms: mere recognition transforms these negative energies automatically. It is because of this heightened negativity that the Kali Yuga is so valuable. In the dark, the light is easily seen – the unity of the two truths again! The dark never existed; it is just the absence of light.

Mixing the past with the present creates doubts and confusion. We need to be practical so that we can engage with our mind at this moment. Recognition is the key to realising the two truths, and so to liberation.

It doesn’t matter how the truth is dressed up, the truth stays the same.

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