Does Buddhism Have To Be So Complicated?
Does religion have to be so complicated?
Does spirituality have to be so complicated?

The answer is…no.

We all have the very same pure nature of awareness.
We express this in a unique way.
The only complexity is our confusion that overlies our true nature.

Buddha said, “The two truths are unity” and “Compassionate activity.”
Jesus said, “I and my father are one” and “Love thy neighbour as thyself.”
Today we might say, “The oneness of higher and lower self” and “Unconditional love.”

If, however, we believe in supernatural mysteries, we will further imprison ourselves in complex hopes and fears when, in reality, we want release from such limitations. Ambiguous secrecy keeps the wonder going, keeps us coming back, and keeps us bound, when we are already free.

The best meditation is when we stop.
The best part of going to a monastery, temple or religious centre is when we leave.
Don’t we just feel better? Was it the place? Or was it the freedom from the place?!

Teachings have to make sense: they are not beyond human understanding. There would be no point otherwise, would there? A rule is a principle: a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning.

You choose!

Complexity is expensive.

Of course, you are free
to express this differently,

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