The Simple Repetitive Message Of This Blog
Does truth have to be so complicated and obscure?

This blog is all about the simplicity of truth, and nothing to do with exotic cultures: cultural terminology is mainly used so that the reader can research for themselves. Once we understand the basic simplicity of our natural being and the illusions surrounding this, we can then see clearly how hope, fear and ignorance are played out in the world: if we are not aware of misdirection, our freedom will be denied.

Spiritual text can seem complicated and obscure. Text is self-secret, authorising the practitioner to question and investigate for themselves, thus allowing realisation to arise in a timely manner. This blogger feels, however, that those who find their way to this site naturally, are ready. Each reader has to decide for themselves whether a karmic connection had brought them here.

Let’s take the mantra OM AH HUM. What does this mean?

There may be many ways to explain the meaning of these syllables – this is one traditional explanation:These three syllables represent the three kayas, as well as the vajra body, speech and mind of all Buddhas.

OM corresponds to dharmakaya, manifesting as the nature of Buddha Amitabha.
AH corresponds to sambhogakaya, manifesting as the Lord of Compassion, Avaloketishvara.
HUM corresponds to the nirmanakaya, manifesting as the lotus-born Guru Padmasambhava (or any authentic teacher).

What does all this mean?
It simply means Pure Compassionate Awareness, which is unconditional love.

In practical terms, awareness becomes aware of itself and finds nothing but awareness; this is pure awareness. This having been understood, we realise that all sentient beings are this very same pure awareness, but do not recognise it; we have become embroiled in distractions, creating a karmic chain that drags us around. Because of this recognition of others’ suffering, sadness arises. This is compassion. Compassion is the expression of pure awareness. We may all have the same pure awareness but express it in a unique fashion. It’s that simple.

Not convinced? Then complex elaboration, conspicuous ostentation and theatrical fancy-pants are for you. 😀

The only significant complexity is the layers that obscure our pure awareness.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    “We may all have the same pure awareness but express it in a unique fashion”……….
    I like to think of that pure awareness as the photon,God particle, inner-light,holy spirit within us.
    Seems to me in this moment, The path is the long road to re-membering and the realization of the/that pure awareness . And there must also be a actual understanding of both the relative, and absolute truth !

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