Talk About Worry!”

Talk about synchronicity!
Talk about tranquillisers!
Talk about life being our teacher!

Yesterday, I admitted my worries to my wife Kathie: “Do you know?” I said. “I worry about everything, and I’m okay with that.” Didn’t I say that, Kathie?! Yes, you did 🙂 For some, worry is their natural pattern: in you, I see it as a source of energy and motivation. K

I’ve always had the impression that I shouldn’t feel that way, because the collective spiritual community wants us to be calm, pleasant … and docile! Or that’s been my experience – which has been the cause of many problems in life.

Yesterday, I was looking up ‘synchronicity’, ‘coincidence’, ‘causality’ and ‘karma’, and the way that answers are all around us if we look; these come together at the right time.

Because of awareness of the inner teacher – and thanks to the outer teacher for pointing this out – life itself becomes our teacher. Otherwise, things ‘just seem to happen’ for no reason, as they do for most of us in daily life.

This morning, I wondered, “How can all this be pulled together?” My hand just picked up a book and opened a page …

“This present time of the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni is also called the age of strife, or the time in which the five degenerations are rampant, these being the decline in lifespan, era, being, view and disturbing emotions. Although people fight amongst themselves during this age, the Vajrayana teachings blaze like the flame of a wildfire at this time. Just as the flames of negative emotions flare up, so do the teachings. There is a saying that plays on the meaning of the name Shakyamuni and Maitreya: ‘muni’ means ‘capable’, while ‘Maitreya’ means ‘the loving one’. The proverb says, “During the muni, people try to compete with each other, which during the Maitreya, they will love each other.”

“During the age of strife, it seems as though people are seldom amiable, rather, they are always trying to outdo one another. This fundamental competitiveness has given rise to the name, ‘the age of strife’ but this is exactly the reason that Vajrayana is so applicable to the present era. The stronger and more forceful the disturbing emotions are, the greater the potential for recognising our original wakefulness. In the era of Maitreya, everyone will be loving towards one another but they will not even hear the word ‘Vajrayana’ – there will not be any Vajrayana teachings.

“It is a fact that, at the very moment we are strongly caught up in thought forms, or in the surging waves of an emotion – of anger, for instance – it is much easier to recognise the naked state of awareness. This, of course, is not the case when we have trained in a very tranquil, placid state of meditation where there are no thoughts and negative emotions. Then, do to what is called ‘the soft pleasure’, it is actually much more difficult to recognise the true state of the non-dual mind. Through training solely in serenity, we may end up in the Realm of Conceptionless Gods, and remain for eons in an unbroken state of absorption.

This state is similar to being intoxicated with the spiritual pleasure of peace and tranquility. In fact, however, this repose as a conceptionless god, does not help you one iota in approaching the awakened state. Among the traditional eight states in which one is unfree to pursue a spiritual path, taking rebirth among conceptionless gods, it is the worst circumstance as it is the ultimate side track.

“Conversely, experiencing great despair, great fear and intense worry can be a much stronger support for practice. For example, if we are suffering from a fatal illness and we are on the brink of death, if we can remember to look into the nature of mind as we are about to die, our experience will be very unlike the normal training in peacefulness. It is the intensity of emotion that allows for a more acute insight into mind essence.”
Tulku Urgyen

That’s why raw, intense emotions are wisdoms –
as long as we are not using them to blame and justify our actions,
which engenders delusion.

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4 Responses to “TALK ABOUT WORRY!”

  1. crestedduck says:

    These intense emotions, when disected and unraveled to find the answers about their source/reasons , by looking at both the relative and absolute truth to why having/experiencing these emotions, does inadvertantly eventually leads you to the source/blame and actually does validate righteous anger and resentment, and that’s the reality of this current earthly predicament I find myself existing in.
    The worst is the daily reminders that every time I need to buy, and could really use something to make a repair or other necessary task or situation easier/better/less stressful, I am then instantly reminded I have no money, and that I actually should now have it in my possession because I did work my balls off to earn the money honestly, and I was also purposely fucked over financially by everyone I put my trust into in my family, and this is the reason I’m now physically and emotionally worn out and used up and broke living way below poverty level and having to rely on others now just to survive, I have no pride or hope anymore ,everything has been stolen or used up for someone else’s benefit, this is total fucking bullshit I should never had to deal with and doing so makes me want to snap and go temporarily insane and choke the life out of every ignorant evil asshole that deserves it !.

  2. tony says:

    That sounds like raw emotions!

    People are unreliable, we can rely on that.
    Even though they steal our outer peace,
    we don’t let them take our inner peace,
    our joy, our sanity.

    We will survive and laugh again.
    If you want to chat more email me.
    All the best

  3. marcel says:

    Your post Crestedduck triggers a natural reaction. The whole day you were on my mind and several times I was writing a post here on Tony’s blog to delete it afterwards. Please do know, that many, myself included, have been, or are going through the dark night, right at this very instant. Life is a bitch or “as a dog..” as Kafka used to say. I remain silent, looking up to the stars…

    “Even though they steal our outer peace,
    we don’t let them take our inner peace,
    our joy, our sanity”.

    Amitiés, Marcel.

  4. marcel says:

    Here you go… It’s not me who started a thread about worry!

    Take a look at the guy in the middle of the painting. The guy, with legs like trees, instabely standing on small wooden boats… The guy, who is invaded by crazy people, playing cards in his arse. This guy, is Jerome Bosch, omniscent present through this painting, sending out messages to the outer spheres of the universe.. Helloooo, anybody out there with ears….?

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