Don’t Be Surprised; Nothing Is Random
Everything has a cause, due to conditions.

Each leaf grows and falls in a precise way, due to causes and conditions.
In the autumn, leaves cannot not fall.

A deluded person
cannot not be deluded.

When we are programmed to hate,
we cannot not hate.

When we realise the nature of deluded, conventional life,
we will never be surprised.

The creation of suffering is karma (our pattern).
We end suffering by ending karma.
We end karma by ending ignorance.
We end ignorance by realising our true nature,
which is pure awareness.

If we expect something more,
then we are back to creating karma,
and so we suffer.

Sentient beings are not reliable; we can rely on that.

If, on an icy road, we ignore wisdom,
then we come under the conventional laws of gravitation.

In nirvana/shunyata/emptiness, there are no surprises.
In samsara, there are lots of surprises that self-perpetuate.

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