The Infinite in the Infinite
Outer infinity is only known
by virtue of inner infinity.

It does not matter what’s out there;
it only exists because of what’s in here.
If there was nothing knowing in here,
what is out there would be irrelevant.

Outer infinity is never ending, never beginning, and can never be known.
Inner infinity is never ending, never beginning, and can be known.

Isaiah 53:6:
All we, like sheep, have gone astray” …
and therefore lead others astray.

We all have a resistance to the infinite reality within, simply because our own reality is unfamiliar to us. We spend our entire life looking at the infinite universe, worshipping an infinite deity, desiring infinite power, wealth, entertainment, sex … we are obsessed, and are driving ourselves crazy. Obsessive activity makes us frustrated and therefore addicted, and addictions have to be fed!

We can also become obsessed with religion, spirituality, gurus, philosophy – even the Buddha’s teachings: these can become just ‘the thing we do’, that distracts and leads us astray. Switch on the radio, television, news … it all maintains sleepiness. We spend our entire life watching, but never realising the watcher; the source of reality within.

We live in a fantasy. We might ask, “So what?”

So this: we are continually being misled by others who are also misled. We have been misled for thousands of years, believing, believing, believing.

Okay, I see this, but we don’t have to be obsessive about it. I need some time out to relax.”

That’s the karmic habitual patterning we set up in previous incarnations. Enlightenment is the totally relaxed reality of pure conscious awareness – and can be realised in this lifetime. There is no need to spend our entire life occupied, or involved in acquiring an upgraded lifestyle.

Every thing is only known by the infinite source within – our true nature. This pure awareness is the only reality. Everything else merely comes to pass.

Once inner infinity is realised, compassion turns the light onto resistance.

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