There’s Nothing More To Say…
about our ultimate nature, consciousness.
To say more would suggest that there is more; there’s isn’t!

We merely test what we hear and read, seeing if it stands to reason, and then relax in confidence. It’s easy to say, “Just relax”, but that is exactly it. Relaxing in confidence is the practice. We relax into consciousness, ultimately realising that we are that consciousness.

There is, however, much to say about being unconscious 😀 . When consciousness becomes dressed up, it turns into a religion, a philosophy, a business, a hobby. We then lose consciousness into ‘self-consciousness’, which is the very thing we are trying to transcend.

If consciousness is maintained, then religion, philosophy, business, hobbies – or any thought occurrences – are seen as mere reflections in consciousness.

Living in a daydream is losing consciousness.
Being conscious is being aware that we are living in a daydream.

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  1. Marcel says:

    “There is nothing more to say.” Hope this is not your last blog post Tony, but you are right on it (again 🙂

    “Relaxing in confidence is the practice..” Confidence in our basic nature, in the all there is, in the unfolding of the moment,in the one love.

    without any censoring, excluding, reifying .., one moment at a time.

    The day after the devastating tsunami in Japan, the one love is rapidly picking up the pieces, creating a new, fresh moment, in the rising morning sun.

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