Is Death Terminal?

Well, life is terminal.

Death going to happen, because it’s normal! It isn’t ‘normal’ to go consciously through the whole process.

There are many teachings about what might happen to us after the death of the body, but we won’t really know until that moment arrives. Perhaps ‘life’ ends, or perhaps it doesn’t: whatever view we hold about death will influence how we live now.

If death is the end, then we will believe that there are no final consequences to our actions: we have no further story.

If, however, we believe that there is life after death, then everything we do, say and think will have consequences, and the story goes on.

Living life as if there are consequences might give us a moral compass.

Something to consider …

We are each born with particular tendencies; we have certain talents, leanings, interests that we cannot explain. Some things feel natural to us, and we don’t have to try too hard. We may experience a sense of deja vu, a impression of having already lived through a situation. Some might find it easy to love, while some find it’s easy to kill. If there is reincarnation, then our rebirths are infinite, and we have a karmic connection with everyone! 😀 Until enlightenment, when karma has been totally exhausted, we will just continue to transmigrate.

Is death merely the process of chemicals breaking down, along with vague memories of associations, or is there something more happening?

The Greeks had a word for it – metempsychosis: the transmigration of the soul of a human being or animal at death into a new body of the same (or different) species. Many traditions have this concept.

We are free to choose what we believe, one way or the another. Either way, for a satisfactory life and death, it is the quality of consciousness that matters. If there is an after-death experience, then, when consciousness is released from the body, it is no longer restricted by the confines of that body. The Tibetan Book of the Dead states that consciousness is nine times greater out of the body than in it. For a conscious practitioner, it is said that they are able to choose where they go next, but non-practitioners are merely driven by karma.

If we are a spiritual practitioner, then our wish is to go where we can progress towards enlightenment. Alternatively, we may choose to return to the present situation to be of benefit to others: that is the way of a Bodhisattva.

Whatever is in our hearts right now is the blueprint for our future. All we need is to rest in consciousness with an open heart of good intentions for all, and to die in love because we know the true heart of all beings is the very same as ours – but we also know the difficulty in manifesting that love.

It is the difference between knowing our true nature and what we are doing, and not knowing our true nature or what we are doing. It is said that, at death, we will notice the senses dissolving: at that moment, we will know it is time, and it’s quite natural.

The nearest we can get to experiencing death is falling asleep, when the senses dissolve and – unfortunately – most of us fall unconscious. This is the moment of dream yoga for practitioners, where we may stay conscious and at rest. The practice is the wish to stay lucid in dreams.

Death is like exchanging an old, worn out coat for a new one :-

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