The Importance Of Valuing Our True Reality …
… rather than wandering off into vacant distractions

When we can acknowledge that the way in which we live and love is unsatisfactory, then we are on the path to enlightenment: the realisation of what we and all phenomena truly are. The only way to do this is to sit in stillness and see it happening within us. This is the practice of meditation, concentrating and going beyond our circling thoughts and the everyday routine.

The world around us objectifies, putting a label on everything and downgrading experience; we could say de-humanising or even de-spiritualising experience. We value things as being more important than the reality of the thing itself, and have become so involved in a subject-object relationship that we create our own confusion, and live within that.

Our confusion comes about because we do not value the reality of pure awareness within us. We probably think that this is something in a galaxy far far away, whereas this perfect reality is here, right now!

But we doubt, and so become half-hearted. That’s why we keep wandering off mentally, downgrading all experiences into mundanity. In spiritual endeavours, we cannot be half-hearted as we need to fully experience the rawness of life in order to see its reality, rather than covering it up with sentimentalities.

We forget all about pure perception, pure awareness, and so, we limit experience, believing in the seemingreality of an object as opposed to the moment of perception itself. That moment of pure perception is what we are. But we are always calculating the value of things, and that has become more interesting than valuing the reality of our being, which is pure consciousness.

May the knowledge light rays destroy ignorance” is a line from a prayer to Manjushri. Knowledge is the realisation that pure awareness radiates wisdoms. Wisdoms from pure awareness are effulgent, being the brilliant expression of compassion. That is the reality of the entire infinite, universe – to be crystal clear in order to destroy ignorance.

But we keep wandering off into the mundane. The more we investigate our reality, the more we value it, and the more profound spiritual statements become: the more the realisation, the more the compassion … and the more one’s heart sinks …

But that shows us the way!
The devil is a great teacher.

The more we see, the more the pattern of our behaviour changes. Our expression has to match our seeing: as the view expands, so must our conduct. This can be a little frustrating, but change does happen, and we gradually learn how to express the inexpressible, using the wisdom of the light rays (the qualities of the Buddha families: reflective, discriminating, all encompassing, equalising, and spacious).

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