The New Normal”

Have you heard the latest expression, “the new normal”?
Have you heard the expression, “order out of chaos”?
Chaos creates confusion, and so enters a new normal.

As long as we are confused, we will never see clearly.
Seeing clearly is pure consciousness, our true reality,
which is never confused.

Relating to phenomena, we will live in a duality of conflicts.
The relative world is born out of confusion.
Non-duality is never confused.

Ignoring pure consciousness, we relate and fixate.
Losing the complete picture, we react.
These reactions create our emotions that control us.

Fears and hopes appear in the mind, which builds more relating.
Being caught and held by relating, we are imprisoned.
This has become habitual, and we regard it as normal.

The immunity passport, temperature drones, cashless society …
these are new normals to keep humanity ‘safe’.
The new normal means new restrictions; a new world order.

The new normal is just another version of beliefs.
Humanity has been governed by beliefs for thousands of years.
When we see that ‘normal’ isn’t normal, then we are free.

The only freedom that we will ever have is in consciousness.
When we realise this truth, we know our reality.
Consciousness comes first.

When we know that we are bound by beliefs,
we realise that pure consciousness is our normal,
and we don’t need a new one 😀

The relative world is all about change and how interesting that is.
Our ultimate reality is all about constancy; the reality of being.This is what the enlightened ones knew all along.

There is nothing new under the sun.
There has always been a battle of good and evil.
The moment we see obscurations, we are free.

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2 Responses to “THE NEW NORMAL”

  1. Mark Anderson says:

    Hi Tony this is a great and true observation. One way to know/realise we are being controlled is to look out for the Brainwashing rhetoric of which ‘new normal’ is the current catchphrase…for new normal read- taking away your freedoms forever. Of course what you say is correct and true freedom in any case can only come from going within and seeing with pure consciousness. What will be interesting is to see whether this lockdown period has led people to see more clearly and go within or whether they will have become zombies of the state riddled with fear to the point that they come out of lockdown without the small amount of inner freedom they went into lockdown with…I suspect the answer to this will be directly correlated to the amount of BBC news they have watched…

    • tony says:

      Hello Mark,
      Demonic mentality never stops, and constantly disturbs our mind filling it with this as opposed to that. Divide and conquer.

      In the emptiness of pure consciousness there is no activity, and so Mara (demonic activity)
      cannot enter, and doesn’t even recognise it.

      Once we genuinely realise emptiness, then Mara becomes our teacher/helper. It becomes a direct teaching.

      Mara cannot understand this or help itself. We see this is others around us. We now have to spot the infiltrator in our own mind.

      The key is not reacting, otherwise we become part of their games. This is where empathetic compassion comes in, and that is definitely challenging! 😀


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