Is there a truth hidden from us in plain sight?

Who is in on it?

The last thing anyone wants to look at is themselves – their true reality – because of a creation of a personal identity with ideas and fantasies. Our true reality isn’t one of this body and mind; it is consciousness itself. The body and mind are tools for consciousness to realise its true essence. How many talk about this issue? Not many, as we are too interested in being something and, all the while, consciousness is in ‘plain’ sight. Plain sight is pure consciousness.

We miss this pure view – this plain sight – as a me steps in a milli-moment later. We keep doing this due both to habit and collective ideas.

Are there other conspiracies? Sure. Are there theories? Sure. Are there agents who promote theories to make theorists look ridiculous? Sure. Are there extremists? Sure. Is humanity blind to its reality? Sure. Is humanity being used by mara-mentality? Sure. We are all lured into being involved.

We have to accept that these things go on, but this is only samsaric activity (Sanskrit: the vicious cycle of existence, going round in circles). When we realise our essence as pure consciousness, there are no conspiracies, but just foolish people trying to keep samsara going, feeding off it while believing they have the power.

Are there other truths hidden from us? Some like to think so. When we see that we see – which is conscious knowing – then we are free of all ideas.

Finding fault is the way in which we all become involved and sucked into a feeling of conspiracy. We have to remove the speck from our inner eye by realising that, when we observe a fault in others, we ignore the speck in our own eye.

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3 Responses to CONSPIRACY

  1. wediditptsd says:

    What is mara-mentality?

    • tony says:

      Mara is a Sanskrit word for demons.

      There are no as such, just our selfish minds.
      Some minds are more greedy than others.
      So, Mara is our selfish likes and dislikes.
      They lie in ambush ready to take advantage of a situation.


    • tony says:

      Drubwang Tsoknyi Rinpoche 1st.

      Don’t wander, don’t wander, place mindfulness on guard;
      Along the road of distraction, Mara lies in ambush.
      Mara is this mind, clinging to like and dislike;
      So look into the essence of this magic, free from dualistic fixation.
      Realise that your mind is unfabricated primal purity.
      There is no buddha elsewhere; look at your own face.
      There is nothing else to search for, rest in your own place.
      Non-meditation is spontaneous perfection, so capture the royal seat.

      (Mara are demonic mentality)

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