What Is Authentic Teaching?

Authentic: undisputed origin; not a copy.

We look for authentic teachings,
but how do we know they are authentic?

‘Undisputed’ means tested and proven. 
Whoever tests, authorises, 
rather than accepting what others have said.

Authorised teaching is something re-cognised 
and therefore already known, but missed.
Having been disputed and found correct, 
the teaching becomes undisputed. 

We are therefore the authority of authentic teachings. 
We are not copying a copy, or a teacher.
They are merely a means to our authorisation.

So it’s personal.
As a personal investigation, 
we transcend others’ words and culture 
as the truth is realised as our first nature.
To see is to know.

If we merely follow and accept others’ views,
we deny actual seeing. 
That is subtle demonic activity at work.

The authentic teaching
is to realise we are what we seek,
and that is pure consciousness.

If we say that pure consciousness is very subtle,
so too is demonic activity, which detracts
right to the final stage of authorisation.

Not seeing obscures reality,
as we are relying on someone or something else.
We merely believe something to be true,
without knowing.

Proving pure consciousness is taking everything else away
and seeing what is left.
As long as we rely or are dependent, we will never be free.

Listen to teachings. Recognise the truth. Go away and realise it. 
Don’t become a prisoner bound to others’ beliefs.
Live your life because that is your karmic path.

When we aren’t separatists divided by concepts (which are exoteric),
we are genuinely free to benefit others because we realise 
the esoteric essence which is truly within all teachings.

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