User’s Manual For The Mind

Living life without a manual to instruct us how to work properly, we limit our experience with our clinging to ideas.


Mind comes in two parts; consciousness and thoughts. Watching and the thing watched.

This is easy to see if we just sit in silence and watch thoughts arise, realising that what we believed was all one – consciousness and thoughts – in fact isn’t! We cannot be what we see, but become so attached to adopted thoughts that we believe these thoughts to be us. That is our main problem, which creates doubt and confusion, and affects our mental health. We think we’re normal when, in fact, we are anything but 🙂

The questions arise; “What are we?” and “What is consciousness?” The answer to both these questions is that we are consciousness. The essence of this consciousness is pure, sacred spirit (sacred not in a religious sense, but as a profound realisation that is sacrosanct and not to be interfered with).

Interfering with consciousness can be termed ‘sin’, and this world has become a sin bin! Fortunately, at any moment, we have the ability to see clearly with the wisdom of insight.

Actually, mind essence/pure consciousness cannot be interfered with as it isn’t a thing that is created and comes to an end. It is timeless because it has never changed throughout our life, and therefore may be a clue to afterlife. This essence, however, is obscured by the maintenance of a feeling of me, a self image.

In troubleshooting, we have to know what it is that is trying to interfere with this consciousness.

Believing thoughts to be our self, we become mistaken about our reality and enter a psychological hell. It may be alluring and comfy, but it’s still hell. It’s not heaven.

… Or is it? …

Recognising that which sees – pure consciousness – everything becomes a reminder and a teacher. It is the clear seeing that sanctifies whatever appears, turning hell into heaven, which means there is no difference in these states. The same concerns thoughts and emotions, and our reactions to the things we don’t like. “Our enemy is our best teacher” as it shows us our reactions.

Unless we value our ultimate state of pure consciousness, which is right here, right now, we will never realise havingright sanity – the complete view.

The key to unlocking our mind

Our ordinary mind is governed by three negative qualities of desire, aversion and ignorance. Everything in the universe is governed by attraction, repulsion and inertia; in primary instincts of nature, this is fight, flight or freeze.

Before these emotions arise, there is a moment of clarity, of spontaneous pure consciousness which is our origin of being that just sees but, for most, this moment goes unnoticed, and so we suffer. For a practitioner, however, the arising of these emotions is recognition and realisation that we are ethereal entities of pure consciousness, extremely subtle and not of this worldliness, while abiding in an earthly vehicle.

For smooth running of this earthly vehicle,
simply apply the juice of
silence, insight and compassion daily.

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