Consciousness Wide Open 

Consciousness wide open = Mind wide open

Wide open consciousness is panoramic insight, free to see things as they are. It is alien (not belonging) to most, as we adhere to an ideology which limits our motivation and view.

When consciousness is wide open, mind is wide open, having no characteristics or fixations.

We fixate to feel safe and to belong, thinking we are happy – until something out of the ordinary comes along, and we are not prepared. An open mind, on the other hand, is prepared for anything.

If there was any time in human history when we need to think clearly and be prepared, it is now. Conforming to others’ characteristics of fear, consciousness is wide shut. 

When we are told to inform on others, we know we are in a totalitarian state of existence, being someone else’s eyes. Totalitarian: complete dictatorial subservience.

Throughout history, 
there has been a metaphysical battle 
where good and evil are inextricably linked.

Wake up; the noose has tightened. 
The shock of realisation is realisation!

Better to be free than stuck inside.

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