How Are We Supposed To Be?

The self is the product of our culture and background. This is karma. However we find our self, it’s what we have to work with. When realising that we are more than just a body and thoughts, and that we are consciousness itself, we may wonder, “How am I supposed to be now? How am I supposed to act?”

Copying others into a ‘spiritual’ mode (you know what I mean) is an act: we shouldn’t forget that we are still human with karmic traits, warts and all.

We definitely shouldn’t try to be like others, and go into their act. This is the universal, spiritual trap.

Due to their background, some practitioners may be cultured, while others are (like me) as common as muck. Anyone can realise their true nature, and manifest or express in their own peculiar, unique way, as skilfully as they can in order to be of benefit to others – or at least, not make things worse.

The act makes things worse.
Even if we are perfect at it,
others pick up that it’s a show.

It’s not our job to be ‘perfect’.
We already are.

After all,
we are Buddhas in the mud.

In whichever strata of mud we find ourselves,
we can be of benefit to others.

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