Enlightening Errors

In being shown how we are wrong, we learn what is right. Conversely, if we think we are right, we cannot transcend or evolve, and therefore stay as we are. There are many levels of understanding. We work at one level until we find that this no longer satisfies; the conflict we then experience is the cause of transcendence. We find what we have been looking for – our true nature.

The suggestion that we stay in others’ interpretation of teachings will cause misery; holding on to any idea brings grief at some point. We may justify our position, but that may not suit everyone. There is always more to learn, especially when dealing with others.

This is why teachings have to adapt to the present age. The Buddha saw that people suffered from old age, sickness, and death; nowadays, we still suffer from those things but have to add addiction to technology, information/propaganda and entertainment …

When we recognise the harm caused,
that is enlightening.

Realising the error of our ways
is a relief.

Our confusion becomes alleviated;
from late Latin alleviat -‘lightened’

See how simple it all is?

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