We Become So Uncomfortable, So Quickly

Why do we become so uncomfortable so quickly when we feel ‘our’ view of life is threatened? We use perceived threat as an excuse to blame and attack. The more we fixate, the more we feel threatened, and the more we take offence.

It’s what the terrible 2-year-olds do … scream, temper tantrums, kick and bite, fight with siblings, total meltdowns … exhausted, we gradually move into a life of total indifference.

We only grow-up when we become objective;
unaffected by personal feelings or opinions.

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  1. Ken says:

    Because we cling to our identification with our idea/view of life as if its absolutely correct. This is a very limiting way to go through life. How could one possible know that their life view is absolute? How presumptuous!

    The most emotional people are the easiest to control. Why do you think the media is hell bent on sensationalizing everything they report? They prey on the emotional, the credulous, the believers, and the unaware. The media is free to try and grab your attention, and you are free to not give it to them.

    If you care about what others think, then how do you stop from being their prisoner?
    If they say they approve of you, then you’re happy, if they say they don’t approve, then you’re unhappy, and the emotional roller-coaster continues, up and down, up and down you’re moved/controlled emotionally.

    How does one get off the emotional pendulum swing from one extreme to the other? Climb up the pendulums arm to the pinnacle heights at the fulcrum, and just observe the world from the high vantage point of pure consciousness. This climb requires courage to let go & leave the lower “world” of approval/acceptance seeking and trust in oneself, to stand alone as you are regardless of approval or disapproval, to be stoically unmoved and disinterested in what the world thinks and more interested in residing in tranquillity and equanimity at the pinnacle heights of pure consciousness. Eventually seeing its all just so many words, words words………..

    There is a heavenly ecstasy in not being moved by stimulus.

    Until you set everyone else free, you won’t be.

    • tony says:

      Hello Ken,
      Few are free to see, and rest in whatever happens.


    • tony says:

      Unfortunately not everyone wants to be free, as they are taught to love their servitude. We stop being others’ prisoners when we stop reacting.

      It is when we seek that we find.

      Words, words, words…
      This is why the Buddha said, “Do not take my word for it; see for yourself.”


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