Being Aware Of Ego And Egoless-ness

To be absorbed by desires and fears,
or not to be absorbed by desires and fears.

Constant egoless-ness is ultimate enlightenment. This is our natural state. We gain a glimpse of this state in the oneness of non-dual meditation, being one with empty cognisant space where there are no fixations, but just primordial, pure awareness.

As we have bodies to maintain, we need a modicum of ego to survive – a social I – and this makes demands on us, but doesn’t have to require all our effort.

The test of the quality of ego:
How fixated we are about ourselves, and whatever we think about?

Don’t worry if there is a strong feeling of clinging and fixation. The very moment we notice what we’re doing … we are free! If we don’t notice our ego fixations, we merely become more and more upset about everything – and again, not to worry as there is always the possibility of being free in the moment of seeing that this ‘I’ is upset. If we’re not told about this reality, we will just go round in circles.

This brings us to religions.
The word ‘religion’ means to be bound. Being bound creates extreme views, fixations, reactions, dogma, separation and ‘wars’. The point is that even if what we are saying is true, it can become ego-orientated and overwhelming … and fanatical.

Resting in the pure spaciousness of awareness allows others’ emotions to wash over us and fall back to their space, leaving our space untouched. In that moment, our space can become their space, if it is recognised.

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  1. bwcarey says:

    we must follow a road, amen

    • tony says:

      Hello bwcarey,

      Yes, we must follow a road, which is our path to the realisation of our true nature, which clears away all confusion and doubts.


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