To Know That We Don’t Know Is Knowingness Itself

To know that we don’t know
is proof that we do know –
but we don’t realise that we know.
This is why we feel uncomfortable.

We really do know.
We know now.
We have always known.

But we still ignore this knowingness.

We obsess about facts and, in doing so,
miss the knowingness itself.
This is the great distraction, the deep sleep.

The more that we think we know,
the further we move away from knowingness.

All we have to do is recognise the knowingness
that is ever present;
that knowingness is pure consciousness.

Working within knowingness
keeps everything fresh, simple and relaxed.

People might think, “So what?”
“So what?” is turning over, and going back to sleep.

Knowingness is wakefulness,
seeing the causes of karma.

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