Micro Managed Ear Worms

Do you think we are being micro managed in an evil way?

Little by little, humanity has exchanged its sense of reality for someone else’s beliefs. Whenever we hear politicians and broadcasters, or read the ‘news’, we are being managed or manipulated. People who fit the agenda are chosen to play a part. If we are unaware of the type of language being used, we will not notice neurolinguistic programming’s keys words. The effect is like a song going round in our minds that gets stuck there; this is known as ‘ear worms’.

We hear the same old trite phrases that lack originality but are used as if we have never heard them before. Political ear worms are catchy phrases that are never explained, and the interviewer is complicit in this. Using statistics but ignoring confounding variables can bias results = micro managing. Advertisers and psychologists know this through brand recognition, where the brain lights up before the customer knows it.

Let’s not forget phrases used by spiritual adepts. Words such as ‘compassion’ and ‘happiness’ are confounding and a cause for confusion when they are not followed though with practicalities when needed. If someone has problems with conforming, the adept’s students close ranks. That is the opposite of compassion.

By micro managing, people who fit the agenda are chosen to play a part. This destroys unity, and results in competitiveness and a need for approval; instructions are over-complicated, and chosen people are made to feel special, creating the culture of an inner circle … and engendering fear.

The medicine:
Know your own mind.
Know that which knows,
and stays unshakeable.

The only thing that stays unshakeable
is pure consciousness.

Throughout all turmoil,
pure consciousness is constant and reliable,
and cannot be micro managed.

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  1. I once resigned from an employer because my immediate supervisor was a micromanager. The micromanager would say, “Don’t let anyone know your political or religious beliefs. I don’t want anyone knowing mine but I will gladly welcome those who support my same beliefs.”

    • tony says:

      Hello Benjamin,

      It’s a pity that fear is everywhere.
      It can even happens with those in the same group or same tradition.

      In Buddhism there are many levels using the same words, but the meaning changes due to experience. And so, there aren’t many people we can actually talk to.

      We all rub shoulders for a while and then move on. Saying that, the more one understands, the more the confidence, the more empathy, and the more joy in sharing.

      Nice to meet you,

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