The Backbone Of The Buddha’s Teaching

Seeing and the seen are inseparable.
Whatever is seen is only seen by virtue of just seeing.
Just seeing is pure consciousness; it’s our original reality.

Once realised, whatever is seen is a spontaneous reminder
that pure consciousness is present.

When describing purity, Sanskrit uses the word ‘Shunyata’
which means emptiness – a knowing emptiness.

All phenomena, having no permanent existence,
is also said to be emptiness.

The word ‘existence’ means ‘come into being’.
Time, space and pure consciousness cannot be said to exist.
They just are.

Time only relates to phenomena.
Time itself does not exist.

Phenomena appear in infinite space.
Space itself does not exist.

Pure consciousness is not a creation.
Pure consciousness cannot be said to exist.

So who is reading this?
Pure consciousness.

So who is doubting this?
The constructed and judgemental mind.

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