Gurus and Demons

Karma is our ego, our guru or our demon.

Whatever we think we are is merely a collection of ideas that consciousness fixates upon, and creates a self-image; an ego, an I, a me and mine.

This self is the confusion that is the cause of our dissatisfactions as it never has the complete picture. It is this very confusion that is either our path to liberation and enlightenment, or the maintenance of a demonic empire.

Most of us are somewhere in between, in a realm of not knowing, of indifference, of ignorance.

Those who know this apparatus of the human mind and consciousness are either teachers or demons.

Knowledge is neutral. It depends on how this universal knowledge is used as to the outcome that arises. The complete picture is that we are pure consciousness, rather than a parasite on the planet who feeds off others.

These spiritual teachings can either enslave or result in perfect wisdom.

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