Meditation Cures Agitation and Dullness


When we focus on either the breath or resting in emptiness, our attention is not elsewhere, so all other thoughts subside. When we forget to focus, thoughts come tumbling back. This is normal.

We may find that the thoughts are getting worse. They are not – we’re just noticing more. Hooray!We oscillate between thoughts and meditation but gradually, we start to value the peace and clarity that develops, and focus more without effort. Doing nothing is a relief; it’s like sitting down with a cup of tea, and relaxing.

This practice gradually influences our reactions to everything we encounter in daily life. We become more alive, the senses are more acute, and we are less agitated/occupied or dull/vacant: we may feel the agitation arising but, in being aware of that, it subsides.

When we come out of meditation, agitation and dullness are still waiting for us, as this is the world in which we live. But now, we can cope a little better. We realise that everything is impermanent and that people are still agitated and dull, but this is where compassion arises through empathy. Been there, done that! We realise that we cannot change whatever is happening in the world, as there will always be actions and reactions.

From time to time, we may feel jaded and lacking in enthusiasm, and that’s okay. We just need a break, so we meditate some more! 😀

Don’t expect angels, cherubims or dakinis to descend;
they are part of someone else’s vision.

The light of clarity is all we need.
When we meditate, it shows.

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