Let’s Start At The Beginning

Why are we here?
Why are we here, in this body, on this Earth, reading this page?

This blog is coming to the end of its tenth year, so why not start again? But before we can start again, we need a warm-up. And that’s exactly how we got here – previous warm ups!
Warm up: to loosen up.

To prove that we’ve previously warmed up and loosened our minds, we need to see that we have 75% experience, 20% reasoning and 5% conjecture – more or less, as our experience changes. To even be reading this sort of thing means that you are a long way along the line of experience 🙂

We are confused about our true reality. Most will say, “We’re here because we’re here, because we’re here – and when we go, we’re gone.”

Ancient teachings state that we’re here for a reason, to go beyond – gone, gone, gone. 🙂

If you’re viewing this page, it proves and stands to reason that you’ve already warmed up, and have an enquiring mind. We’re here to prove and realise our true reality, rather than just believing what we are told about it.

So we have a choice:
Is there a reason we’re here, or isn’t there? And how urgent is the need for an answer?
If we recognise our inner warmth – kindness – we have a very good start! 😀

And we don’t have to become anything.

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