Consciousness Matters

Where would we be without consciousness?
We wouldn’t be anywhere.

We are consciousness.
In looking for consciousness, we won’t find anything.

Because it is consciousness that is looking.
In silent stillness, this is obvious.

We’re usually unaware of our reality of consciousness
because we are too busy, engaged in other things.

Meditation isn’t posturing; it is just being aware.
Why does consciousness matter?

Consciousness either relates to whatever it sees,
turning life a sitcom of relative truth
realising that it has the inspiring ability to be enlightened,
full of originality of absolute truth.

Meditation is just being aware of awareness.
Nothing ritualised, recognising all distractions.

Without distractions, life is less cluttered,
creating space for contemplation and insight to dawn.

Enlightenment isn’t about achievements.
It’s about emptying a fussy mind –
a hard-to-please mind, fastidious about its requirements.

Consciousness matters.
It’s how we know.

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  1. Larry says:

    How often can we enjoy the sitcom?

    Especially at Christmas 😉

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