Distraction is a two-edged sword.

 The mind is more sensitive than we think, and this is why we get so distracted day in, day out. The world around us is one huge distraction: the tiniest occurrence and we are caught up a dream – or in another’s dream. Distractions capture our imagination. To be frank, in our present state, we are never out of our imagination!

 Marketing and the media in all forms are so refined nowadays, using neurolinguistic programming that we hardly notice… “Every move you make, every breathe you take, they’ll be watching you!” TV and radio are not called ‘programmes’ for nothing! This programming has got to the point where people program themselves, because they cannot stand the silence: because they do not recognise their true nature, they fill up their space. They have to have the TV or radio on all day. To have come that far away from reality says a lot about our present state.

 Not having time to ask the question, “What am I?” (let alone experience that) shows how far removed we are from reality.

 However, distractions are a two-edged sword. There comes a time when we have had enough of this trivia, this mundane chatter, this speculation, and we decide we want move on, or break out. We are no longer satisfied with yet another trinket, more sound bites and meaningless jargon: we long for something worthwhile…we want reality and control back.

 We need to stop, and merely ‘be’. We need to break out of the program! Do something unexpected, like just being still.

 Once we recognise the true value of stillness, and have a little experience of it, anything that disturbs that stillness is clearly noted. It’s like a room that has been in darkness for thousands of years, and with one flick of a switch it is all illuminated (momentarily…it takes practice to keep the switch on!).

 Distractions now are an aid because, as when an object is placed in an empty tin, the once empty tin rattles loudly! The mind brightens, and the intruder (this space invader) reminds us to return to stillness, and original wakefulness!

 Now, anything that tries to distract us is our teacher. Better still, anyone who irritates us is our teacher! If there is irritation, then we are not seeing things in their true light. Just say internally, “Hello, goodbye,” and the ‘demon’ will move on!

 There is a marketing organisation called ‘The New World Order,’ that wants to control people, to use them as money boxes. They are just ‘silly people rushing round, trying to get through your door.’ When this Corporate Empire tries to entice you, just say internally, ‘Hello! Not now! Goodbye. Oh and, thanks for waking me up!”

 Merely recognising that you are being distracted is freedom. The switch is on!


credits to Sting and Paul McCartney…


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