Accepting oneself ‘warts ‘n’ all’

 We are perfect the way we are, ‘warts ‘n’ all’, precisely because these ‘warts ‘n’ all’ comes from our past reactions. We just have to accept that, and use those reactions internally to transform them into wisdom. This, of course, is perfect relative truth at work. Ultimately, we are perfect – enlightened. It’s a sort of win-win situation.

 There is absolutely no point in feeling guilty, or blaming anyone else for our ‘warts ‘n’ all’. If we re-enact, those ‘warts ‘n’ all’ will be our future!

 Through resting in empty awareness, the ‘warts ‘n’ all’ dissolve, because empty space is present. The moment we come out of empty awareness, they are there again. That’s why antidotes don’t work long term.

 It takes effortless effort to sustain empty space, by merely recognising. This space enlightens the space intruders – the ‘warts ‘n’ all’. In the meantime, our reactions leave a residue in the mind and subtle body, and these serve as a reminder until enlightenment just happens.


When we can accept our ‘warts ‘n’ all’,
we can then accept others’ ‘warts ‘n’ all’.
That moment of recognition
melts the heart
with empathy and compassion.

 Everything relaxes.
All ego activity is

..more or less!









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