Meditation is not something you do.
Meditation is something you are.

 If meditation is something we do, it will remain a mystery, like the higher self, soul, god, atman, brahman…it is something ‘out there’. We want to know the mystery of what is out there, when all the time the knowing is in the knowing itself.

 Meditation is merely, barely, purely being. If this becomes distracted, then we have to do something about that, but the object of meditation is resting in what we are, where we are, who you are. That is what we arrive at when we drop everything, even ’emptiness’.

 Pure being is dropping, dropping, dropping everything. “Gate gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi soha”. Gone gone gone beyond completely gone. Everything got rid of and so awake.

 There is a mystery and that is in emptiness itself. Within that spontaneous presence, knowledge and expression arises…and I haven’t worked out how it works. If I try to do that, spontaneous presence goes, and I am back in concepts again. Spontaneous presence just has to remain empty!


It’s weird and wonderful!

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