Have you found what you are looking for?

Can’t find anything?


Just to be clear, and not play word games.

In not finding anything, means that the intelligence
that is looking for something, realises that it is the
intelligence itself is the only reality.

In not finding anything at all that is permanently real,
there is still that which is looking present.

We are that which we seek…that’s it!

You have just realise your true nature.
However, this is not stable yet, as we keep being distracted
and reacting to our karma.

We now merely have to accept the whatever arise, phenomenally
and in the mind, are products from our past,
and no longer have to feel guilty about what we feel.

If we react, we merely add to this karma.
If we note and do not react no karma is produced.

Gradually in this way, we exhaust all karma.

We can enjoy life, but not become attached.
We can smell, taste and enjoy…just don’t cling.

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