Technophilia Mind Control
The age of mass electronic projection

Waking up spiritually is not only about waking up to our absolute spiritual nature, but also to the relative predicament in which we find ourselves. So, we are to wake up twice!

Wake up!
…and then…
wake up!

It is one thing, being asleep in one’s own make believe dream-world – believing one’s cherished self to be a fixed reality – but it’s another when this is re-enforced by corporations with the purpose of keeping us enslaved in this make believe dream-world for corporate gain. Just see how indebted we are to the corporate dream in this 21st century!

The corporate obsession with making money – and therefore gaining power – is one thing, but here we are talking about deliberately abusing human frailties (adding ‘sweeteners’) – in fact using spirituality and psychology as weapons to enslave people so they are always distracted and numbed to the ethos they are being ‘fed’.

If we realised how precious this life is, and that we are here to realise our ultimate true nature, we would also realise that we don’t need such material wealth, and would have more time to …ponder and practise. That’s the last thing that the corporate ethos wants, and unfortunately we are all part of their working mechanism!

Spiritual and psychological knowledge is neutral: it all depends on the motivation of the user of that knowledge.

Humans, through their ignorance of their true nature, are naturally subject to desire and fear. To control those humans, all one needs to do is increase that desire and fear. Humans are sensitive beings, and are easily distracted and enslaved, when this very sensitivity could have been directed towards spiritual enlightenment.

Unfortunately the more wealth we acquire, the less we want to give it up. The same law applies to corporations, who are also subject to desire and fear, and that makes them dangerous to mankind as they need to maintain their control and power.

Nowadays, we are ambushed everywhere by technology, through systematic neurolinguistic programming. How many times do we hear people say, “I’ve just upgraded!”? Yes, you have just upgraded…to the corporation. You have been incorporated!

Enlightened activity.
There is no end to compassion: it is unconfined.

Demonic activity.
There is no end to the lack of compassion: it is unconfined.

Enlightened activity exhausts karma.
Demonic activity creates karma.

As you sow so you reap.
To a spiritual person that is a warning.
To the corporations, it is an aspiration

History teaches us much, if history is remembered,

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