Do Buddhists Have Fun?

There is an assumption that Buddhism is all about suffering! It’s true that we have to be aware of not feeling right and why we are not feeling right. It’s precisely because we recognise the not feeling right that we start out on the path of feeling right. Or, we can keep covering up not feeling right by distracting ourselves, which is the usual way!

Once we can recognise the cause of suffering (another name for not feeling right) which is our obsession with the conventional prison of trying to keep up, fit in, be ahead, ‘I must shine’, we realise that we no longer have to conform to this conventional programming…this insane programming.

“Let ‘me’ out!”
When the assumed ‘I’ is out of the picture,
the fun starts, and it’s such a relief.
It’s being one with the moment.

We are in a precious human mind-body, and so we need to care for it in a conventional way, and look after it. Looking after it could mean either seeking pleasure all the time and getting more and more attached, or just having fun in the oneness of the moment, without attachment.

We all know what seeking pleasure is like…but what about just having fun?

By recognising our essential nature – clear compassionate wisdom – when something occurs in this clear compassionate wisdom, it is noted, and not taken too seriously, as everything “comes to pass”. This mind-body will have tendencies or leanings to certain activities: we merely engage with a light touch…of love. Love is oneness with the activity, without self cherishing. Life simplifies.

Seeking pleasure with attachment becomes heavy-handed, as we are desperately trying to hold on. This causes suffering, and it never feels right.

Non-attachment is fun, as there is no lingering of expectation and no fear of disappointment. If it wasn’t right, then we put it right, if we have the capacity. Working within our capacity is fun, and this may be refined in the next moment. When there is relaxed spaciousness, we can become quite efficient and confident. Joy arises and…it’s fun.

If you’re not having fun
then you’re not doing Buddhism right!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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