Our Path Is Our Own Confusion

Our confusion happened when we create a limited self identity.
Our realisation is that the confusion and self identity
– and therefore the path –
never existed.

So here we are, in seeming confusion.

There are many outer spiritual paths, but our ‘real’ path is dis-covering our mistake. Our path is to cut through our concepts, and remain in spontaneous presence.

The outer path we choose is the one that suits our temperament and capacity. The path(s) that comes our way are part of our karma but, being part of our karma, our choice is still part and parcel of our habits; although a good habit, it can still a habit.

Spiritual paths are stepping stones. As our perception refines, our temperament and capacity also refine. We move from dissatisfaction to dissatisfaction, until we find satisfaction. We are our own teachers; outer teachers help us realise this.

By the way, on many forums, one reads the idiotic saying, “Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.” Tell that to the Buddha or Christ!

To start, we need discipline.
Gradually, we learn to love.
Love becomes duty.
Duty then expresses that love.
We naturally learn and teach.

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  1. daisymae21 says:

    Hello Tony
    Thank you for this piece: I hope it helps people to identify what is meant by “path” as there is much misleading information and fear mongering out there 😉

    And as for that quotation from George Bernard Shaw’s play “Man and Superman”…well what can I say? I’ve read and heard that being used time and time again as a weapon by the ignorant to attack anyone whom they fear knows more than them. It’s truly sad to see, and is a typical passive-aggressive response.

    I quite like this version:
    Those that can, do…
    Those that can do better, teach…
    Those that can’t do either, criticise…


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