No Reference Point
is Non Duality

Within pure awareness, there is merely pure awareness.
There is no pure awareness of pure awareness
as there is only pure awareness.
The nature of mind is resting in its own natural state.
That’s all.

The laundry still has to be done.
Bread still has to be earned.
People still need to be listened to.
Thoughts and emotions will still arise.
Karma (our creation) will still manifest;
pure awareness will reduce its potency.

PS This is the one thousandth repetitive post…
…it’s all one!

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  1. crestedduck says:

    What a odd coincidence that I literally less than minute ago, the last email read was Charles Stanley writing about reference points…..
    No such thing as a coincidence..

  2. daisymae21 says:

    One thousand posts? Wow Tony…it amazes me that your blog is about a subject that is so vast and so pinpointedly precise at the same time – and that you have found one thousand ways to say the same thing!!
    May your keyboard fingers live long and prosper. I look forward to reading the words they write in 2015…

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