How Can I Stay Awake?

When we become aware of the dream1 we are awake.
However, we still live in a dream-like state
as there is a residue of previous dreams to live through;
the effect of our past actions and reactions.

Through day to day3 living,
we clean up our karma by resting in pure awareness:
our non-reaction affects our conduct,
as reactions maintain the dream
and produce more karma.

Gradually life simplifies, calms down and…
…we stay awake, and compassion naturally arises.

Discover the inner teacher2
and trust it.

1 Believing appearances and our interpretation of those appearances to be reality, when the reality is is the mere awareness of those appearances and interpretations.

2 The inner teacher is discovered by the instruction of the outer teacher, who shows us the nature of mind; this is reinforced by textual commentaries.

3 Day to day living becomes the symbolic teacher: whatever arises reflects the nature of mind – that which is aware of actions and reactions.

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One Response to HOW CAN I STAY AWAKE?

  1. Daisy says:

    Sometimes, things seem so clear – as they did when I read this post. Thanks, Tony!

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