Looking For Recognition

Sometimes in prayer or meditation, or when in the presence of a teacher, we may hope our efforts are being recognised. This is one level of working, but it remains in the realm of hope, which is a conventional reality.

The recognition has to comes from us – pure awareness.
This is absolute reality.

When we allow ourselves to hope that someone higher is seeing all our good qualities and excusing our bad ones, we are playing a game of cosmetic surgery: a cover up. This cover up merely increases our habits, our defilements, our karma. It delays progress – it clogs up the works!

Spirituality is tough precisely because it is all down to our own recognition. It is only we who know all the nooks and crannies of our vulnerability – that’s if we stop applying the make up!

Dualistic clinging is what confused pure awareness makes up.
Pure awareness itself is non duality.
That which pure awareness makes up about itself is the duality.

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