The Middle Way Of The Middle Way

We have to discover what the Buddha discovered.
The Buddha discovered pure awareness:
“Not too tight and not too loose.”

Not too rigid and not too easygoing.
Not too supercilious (Old Age) and not too inventive (New Age).

There is much to learn from the secrets of the ancient methods of mind control.
There is much to learn from the secrets of the modern methods of mind control.

An expression of superiority creates a reaction in those who feel inferior. This feeling of inferiority is not merely a result of self cherishing: the modern environment exacerbates self cherishing, giving rise to insecurity.

It is because of a lack of real communication between the ancient and modern, and a lack of understanding about the subtle exploitation and social engineering that exist in the modern world that we do not notice that Dharma principles of desire and fear are being used against us, all day and every day.



Final advice from “Flight of the Garuda” by Shabkar Tsokdrug Rangdrol.

A Further Instruction To Meditators Which Is Most Essential

Nowadays, in these present times,
there are some masters and some students in whose care
the master teaches wrongly and the student meditates incorrectly.

Meditating for even seventy or eighty years,
they will have no other result then increasing their thoughts.

There are many who regard non-existence as something existent.
There are many who practise stupidity as meditation
without having gained clear understanding.
There are many who engage in futile diligence.

You masters who are clever in teaching and you students
who are good in meditation,
don’t be proud; take advice from those who are learned.
Don’t invent everything yourself; resolve your own mind.
Don’t deceive yourself; be free from doubt.”

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