Vajrayana, Synapses and God

“Knock and the door shall open.”
We knock because we have a question.
When we admit that we are suffering,
we will look for a cause of that suffering.
When we find it, the synapses will join up = eureka!

We know.
That is our true nature; pure cognisance.
We just don’t know that we know.
And when we do know,
we have to learn how to express that knowing.

So to whom are we asking our question?
Our very own nature.

Is there a connection between Vajrayana deities and God? If we ask a strict Buddhist or Christian, they would say “No!” but just bear with me a moment. It all depends on how we look and what is actually experienced, rather than what we are supposed to experience according to doctrine.

Vajrayana or Tantric deities embody enlightened qualities; so does the idea of God. We might say that “God” is a figment of our imagination, but then, so are deities. Buddhists will say that deities are enlightened beings, showering us with blessings. Christians say the same of God. Buddhists might say “But God is not the same thing as Vajrayana deities – it’s just an idea. Who’s ever met God?” Who has ever met a deity?

Buddhist will say that deities represents the “pure consciousness” of compassion. Christians might say that God represents “God consciousness”, the lord of compassion. The Tibetan deity, Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezi), is also known as the lord of compassion.

Of course, zealous, dogmatic types will argue forever about this, and that is their choice. However, what matters is the effect on our own minds. We have a choice to live in division or harmony.

As an example:

Last week, I decided I was going to be “on holiday”, which pleased the wife! Nothing was going to upset me, not even being told off for not washing up ‘properly’! I realised that this compassionate state was freeing for me – and her. I have spent years doing Vajrayana practice and it never made sense – I wasn’t really feeling it, as it was a conceptual idea, a practice that I ‘do’. Until now. A connection has suddenly been made. I do the Avalokiteshvara (the lord of compassion) practice every day, and was supposed to walk around in daily life as if I was the deity – but this never felt right as it was merely a concept. Until now. Now, compassionate nature is a constant reminder to be Mr. Avalokiteshvara.

And that’s the point of Vajrayana; it’s a reminder to be who we are. God consciousness is exactly the same… walking around like Mr or Mrs God!

This is all about the power of imagination.
Imagination can lead us into fantasy or reality.

Only you know!
When the synapses join up,
we can have great fun
creatively expressing this joy.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    6:51 am …this is working now…
    “The Buddha within” can be compared side by side to “The EGO”=Eternal Gods Omnipresence

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