The Greatest Secret In The Universe
…and it’s right in front of our eyes…

You and I are the gatekeepers to this greatest secret.

This gatekeeper can either open the door, or keep it shut. The door is kept closed by allowing ourselves to be distracted. We are so distracted – and so used to being distracted – that we cannot be bothered to go free. The very moment we recognise that distraction is taking place, the door opens and the light shines in.

We are in the “Dark Age” because the majority of this planet is distracted. The secret is not open to them because they prefer distraction. It doesn’t matter if a few know the truth about their true nature, because the majority will prefer distraction and darkness because it excites them. But all that actually happens is that they remain dull.

A government does not need the majority to vote for them to be in power. They rely on indifference and the vote-splitting factions. In this age of technology, it is so easy to distract people. There is really no need to blame governments or corporations, as we can still be free if we chose.

Governments and corporations just do their greedy things based on self interest. They are even more in the dark than we are. Power corrupts, because there is so much that has to be maintained; there is hope of gain, and therefore, fear of losing.

The media is the same; it’s all about ‘interesting’ people. Experts talk of endlessly of figures and events in history. Social media is all about tittle tattle and celebrity nonsense. Every year, they recycle the same old ‘news’, and use the same phrases as if they’ve never been heard before, to elicit the same old reactions. This is the ridiculous nonsense of samsara that results in collective confusion. But when we recognise this ridiculous nonsense as ridiculous nonsense, it actually serves to free us! The secret is right in front of us!

More than two thousand years ago, the Buddha told us the truth – the greatest secret – that we are pure awareness. Nothing more and nothing less. Just the same as the Buddha himself. He taught how to remove the mental fixations or veils that obscure this pure awareness.

But the majority of this planet still prefers to be distracted. The greatest secret is, it is now that we can make the fastest progress, precisely because it is all so ridiculously nonsensical! If we choose to look, there is a golden age within this dark age.

The secret is so obvious.
All appearances in the mind are mere phantoms
in the infinite spaciousness of pure awareness.
We just have to work on it a bit.

Accept it.
See it as it is.
You’re free.


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  1. crestedduck says:

    I choose life and freedom of choice, I refuse death or slavery or political correctness…….
    The only way to truly be free is to be aware of what you currently are, and always were ,and will always be ! .

  2. daisymae21 says:

    Hello Tony
    I find it unsatisfactory just to trot out the soundbytes of “Oh, it’s all an illusion” and “Nothing exists anyway”. So many “new age gurus” rely on such trite little sayings…and I appreciate the fact that you don’t. Those saying all have a germ of truth to them, but as you say, it’s not enough just to hold a conceptual idea – we have to do actually the work to remove our obscurations.

    Samsara is, by definition, confusion. That’s its nature. And it’s not going to change (until maybe we arrive at another ‘external’ Golden Age as opposed to the golden age of the recognition of our true nature). We can’t change all the constant manifestations of selfishness and greed – although I sincerely wish we could. But we can see them for what they are. We have to be like the man in the the story who, instead of trying to resurface the entire stony road under his feet that was causing him pain, realised he could put leather shoes on his own feet.


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