Acting Badly

There is a programme in the mind that conditions how we act and behave. This is the limited storehouse of biased judgements and memories to which we refer. We are all actors, working from a script in the mind. Some are taught to act…for us!

Debating is acting from a script: we take a side and we learn the lines. This video reveals the outcome. We follow the leaders, but who are they following? It seems that key politicians are chosen because someone thinks we will believe them. This sort of interview can mesmerise us and send us into a state of false security, that washes over us like the idiotic music in restaurants and shops – and journalists play along with this game. And if we go against the trend, we are thought of as strange.

He repeats his script five times!
This is amazing stupidity, but on whose behalf?

Our job is to break free from this conditioned mesmerisation.
This is why we meditate – to clear the mind.
Stop acting and get real!

..and as for spiritual centres, article to follow…!

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2 Responses to ACTING BADLY

  1. daisymae21 says:

    Hello Tony

    I remember this farcical interview! Damon Green, the journalist, talks here about the whole bizarre experience and the events surrounding it.
    Briefly, it was a “pool” arrangement, where several news channels agree to set up and share the same short interview, each taking a snippet from it to include as a sound byte in their coverage of an event.
    This time, apparently, there was a group of 3 ‘handlers’ – PR consultants – involved here, who wanted to stage and control the whole thing to an utterly ridiculous degree…and the result was what you posted here.
    Very sobering and very silly at the same time.

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