Telling People To Be Happy

Telling people to be happy
doesn’t make them happy.

Telling people that they are already happy
doesn’t make them happy.

Explaining to people how happiness arises
doesn’t make them happy.

Happiness is seen in the midst of crap.

When internal essence sees the crap.
Internal essence is not affected by the crap.
Crap happens.
Crap will always happen.
The world is made of crap
and there is nothing we can do about it.

Our thinking mind may be upset by the crap,
while essence is in the middle of it all,
just watching.

When internal essence recognises itself,
it realises it is untouched by the crap.
This is the arising of unshakeable confidence.

We don’t have to be told to be happy.
Realisation is happiness.

“Ah! But I want to feel better!”

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