Once We Know, We Cannot Not Know

Whenever we hear, read, touch, smell or taste something
and understand it,
we get the transmission of pointing out
like a bolt of lightening.

We then cannot say that we don’t know.

As we progress – and we will, through meditation – we become more responsive and less reactive. We see more and react less in accordance with our previous programming, our karmic production. Even if we feel that we are more reactive and less responsive, there is still awareness of that fact, and that conflict is our path. Let’s be honest, old habits do flare up…

Awareness and clarity are auspicious signs: “auspicious: conducive to success, a divine sign.” This beneficial motivation is achieved through the merit of compassionate activity. This is ‘waking up’. Unfortunately, waking up can be annoying to others (make that very annoying), as they are fixed or locked into a matrix – a cultural, social, or political environment.

There may be times when we wish to go back to sleep and have fun like we used to, rather than seeing so much suffering, but that is to live in ignorance in the corporate prison. The corporate ideal is based on fear-and-hope mongering, facilitated by sweet-talking politicians and media personalities convincing us into submission, to send us back to sleep; “Move along; there’s nothing to see here.” Such activity is a bad virus, and we can see one of the outcomes in how hostile people are online.

There is no going back, especially if we care about the next generation, which – if we believe in rebirth – we will be part of. Sometimes, we just have to let go of old ‘friends’. If we feel strong, confident and compassionate, we can mix with all sorts – enjoy sports, watch a film, have a meal out – and not lose our sacred awareness.

Once we see the brutality and corruption that is destroying this world, we cannot turn a blind eye.

We should be joyous now that we see
– painful though it is.
Knowingness is ever present.
It is always with you
because it is you.

Not knowing is a temporary affair.
Knowingness is forever.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Seems I’ve become living proof of the validity of this post……and reentering the public domain of unenlightened reality is always going to be a challenge for myself in this lifetime.

    • tony says:

      Hello Rob,
      It seems to be the price of knowing.

      Those who want to know, who want to find out the truth, have to be tenacious.

      Probably this is why some teachings are self secret, as truth can create inner conflict if not approached step by step.
      The truth has to naturally unfold.

      Self secret means, even if we see or hear it, it won’t be recognised. It will just appear as words.

      I remember reading special books and not having a clue what they were talking about…I wasn’t ready.


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