The Simplest Teaching Can Go Over Our Heads

“We are not fettered by appearances, but by attachment to those appearances.”

The subtlest attachment limits our freedom as we have acquired an extra part: we have joined ourselves to that appearance, which complicates circumstances from which it is difficult to escape.

Whether this hits the heart of our suffering will depend on whether we recognise the trap we are in.

Being told something is not a teaching: it is just information.

A teaching becomes a teaching when it connects and builds upon something that went before. Was it timely? Was it synchronistic? We need the question before we arrive at the answer. Then it works! Merely getting answers just puffs us up (although a ‘crazy’ teacher may use that beneficially).

We are not limited by appearances, but by attachment to those appearances. We believe them and become stuck in them. That is what happens when we react. This doesn’t mean we do not notice bad things or enjoy good things: it means we do not become attached. We remain in the one taste of pure awareness.

We can, however, become IT as we are IT!
What is IT?
Buddha nature – God nature.

Empty of IT.

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