The ‘Me’ Formula

Discover the truth, and the truth turns out to be ourself. This is the highest human endeavour.

Even though we discover that we are the truth we seek – which is pure consciousness – we are still encapsulated in a ‘type’, with a body and mind that seem to have their own agenda, and a karmic history that created the ‘me’ formula. Having discovered that we are the truth, we now need to purify this body and mind, this habit pattern of ‘me’.

Our pattern is typified by a dominant emotion or neurotic state: we may feel pride in our achievements, or defensive and competitive, or full of desire, overactive, addicted and frustrated, or mechanical and humourless, or greedy and unable to consume our desires, or angry and irritable. These are descriptions of the six realms in which we might find ourselves: hell, hungry ghost, animal, human, jealous gods and gods. They have no reality, but we are stuck in these muddy realms. Unfortunately, we are so familiar with this patterning that it may even feel comfortable.

How do we break out of this formula?

By being aware – through personal experience – of what is taking place when it is taking place. The moment before the emotion explodes, there is an awareness which is, in fact, wisdom; it is a wisdom-awareness. In the moment of awareness, detachment occurs, creating the space of clarity; the right atmosphere! In that nowness of knowingness, emotions turn into wisdoms. We cool down into kindness, and everything seems brighter.

Perfecting generosity, discipline, patience, perseverance, and meditation maintains clarity. It all comes down to what we find we are holding on to, and then letting go.

Awareness does this all by itself, as it is self-aware.

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