Lost Souls That Are Not Lost

A blog is just a record expressing personal thoughts, investigations and experiences, and sharing them. It’s about our spiritual path to complete understanding. Once we take a personal step, the next personal step is revealed. Any tradition(s) we follow is only a guide about our journey to now. Now. Here. In fact, NoWhere. We are already here: the actual path is our own realisation.

The word ‘soul’ seems taboo in Buddhism, and actually divides us. ‘Soul’ is the immaterial part of a being: spirit. Spirit is pure consciousness. It is our non-verbal, non-body, non-mental activity. It is pure being, our true nature before we identified with a programmed type.

Some believe that a ‘soul’ or spirit can be captured. This is a wrong view. We – soul/spirit/pure consciousness – can only be distracted with our consent.

The moment we get distracted
is the moment we ignore our true nature.

The moment we are aware of distraction
is the moment we remember our true nature.

We only seem lost because, through habit, we consent to being distracted, wandering off with a stranger šŸ˜€ We are here to fulfil our duty: our duty is to remember what we are and to undo the karmic effect, and we do that by letting go, letting be. Conventionally, there are things to do. Ultimately, there is nothing to be done. We consent to competing with others, and therefore they are controlling us, side tracking us from pure intention.

Consent is being conditioned to accept and adhere to formulae that limit our view through social and cultural codes that are used by mara to distract and cause trouble by creating chaos and confusion. This is the result of a society which holds a collective belief that things are real and have a permanent existence. It is here that the confusion with the word ‘soul’ lies; it is seen as an entity when, in truth, it is pure intelligence, pure emptiness with enlightened qualities but no fixed parts. Those who act under the influence of mara (selfish intent) believe that they acquire no karma as we have consented to comply with ignorance. This is incorrect, as evil is in the intention, the instigator. If we consent, we too gather karma.

ā€œTurning the other cheekā€ means refusing to consent. We may be forced, but we do not consent.

Some of us were brought up in a theistic – or vaguely theistic – environment, where confused concepts made us feel good, while at the same time, feeling not good enough.

Don’t ignore. Don’t be divided. Don’t be confused. This is what mara wants. We are not lost ā€¦ we have just forgotten! :D:D:D

The moment we get distracted
is the moment we ignore our true nature.

The moment we are aware of distraction
is the moment we remember our true nature.

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